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Adding Value by Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Consultations

Why save energy?
After materials and wages, energy is one of the largest controllable costs in most organisations. In the UK, on average, businesses waste up to 30% of the energy they buy which leads to low Energy Efficiency.
Branson evangelises about Energy Savings for Business

A lot of businesses would like to save energy, but lack the expertise to manage a structured programme. Many regularly change their energy tariff and believe that this represents all that can be done to control and reduce energy costs but Energy Efficiency can contribute far more than this.


It is possible for businesses of all sizes to make significant energy savings by reducing consumption, enhance reputation for corporate social responsibility, and add corporate value, and all with a positive cash impact.
How can Integral Energy UK help ?
Trials of Energy Efficiency equipment can be arranged onsite

We offer a free initial client consultation and walk around audit conducted by a CIBSE Low Carbon consultant which will highlight energy saving opportunities and highlight any Energy Efficiency issues.


Depending on your facilities this typically will cover energy consuming areas such as manufacturing processes, industrial lighting& heating systems, compressed air, voltage optimisation, induction motors, power factor, base load, air conditioning, extraction systems, heat losses via infrared thermal survey etc. All of these effect Energy Efficiency.


Should you wish to proceed further we will then carry out a more in-depth audit and review in more detail the opportunities highlighted which will be ranked in terms of payback criteria against Energy Efficiency improvement opportunities.

Energy savings can be demonstrated and measured for cost savings
We will be delighted to carry out any detailed implementation work on your behalf utilising our specialist technical supply chain and can pursue funding options for you if required.
By prioritising the low or no cost measures and implementing these first, we will oversee your Energy Efficiency programme and ensure it delivers savings within the shortest possible payback period which we will monitor on your behalf.

Contact Us to discuss how we can help you improve the Energy Efficiency of your business !