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Adding Value by Energy Efficiency

ESOS Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme
Energy Efficiency and Energy Cost Reduction for the Industrial Enviroments

Energy Efficiency

We would be pleased to carry out an initial walk around audit at your premises and advise on energy saving opportunities free of charge.

We can also arrange trials of energy saving equipment which will demonstrate and measure cost savings in your own facilities to assist in your evaluation of Energy Efficiency improvements from the programme.


Please view our Energy Efficiency page for further information.

ESOS - Phase 2

ESOS - Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

We will provide you with an ESOS Accredited Lead Assessor to conduct or review your statutory ESOS energy audits.


Please view our ESOS Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme page for further information.

ISO 50001 Energy Management

We can provide a BSI trained consultant to guide you through the process to ISO 50001 Energy Management System certification.


Please view our ISO50001 Energy Management System Certification page for further information.

Energy Cost Reduction

Integral Energy UK Limited uniquely specialises in Energy Cost Reduction for the industrial environment.


With an established number of blue chip clients, and growing customer base in the manufacturing sector, we can plan, implement, finance, and manage an energy efficiency programme for you, lowering your carbon footprint and dramatically reducing your energy costs.


Please Contact Us to discuss how we can help you to increase your Energy Efficiency and ensure Energy Cost Reduction.

Retrospective Energy Bill Cost Recovery

We are pleased to be able to offer a service that provides Retrospective Energy Bill Cost Recovery based on an analysis of your last six years electricity invoices. Our experience shows that not all suppliers are billing incorrectly, therefore delivering significant refund opportunities and also potential ongoing cost savings.


Please view our Retrospective Energy Bill Cost Recovery page  for further information.