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Retrospective Energy Bill Cost Recovery


What is Retrospective Electricity Bill Cost Recovery?

A cost nothing service designed to recover the money that you have erroneously paid in good faith.

An electricity price is made up of many elements not generally visible to you or your broker. Electricity suppliers incur charges from the National Grid and the different local distribution networks for transmitting power to the end user, and also for the power that is lost as electricity is transmitted.


Retrospective Energy Bill Cost Recovery

Look at your contract and in addition to your headline tariff you will find references to charges for items which are not known to your broker such as DUoS / TNUoS, Settlement, Communication, Data Collection, Aggregators, BSUoS, Transmission Losses, RO, CCL, Fit’s, Elexon, RCRC, Risk Management, Administration etc.


As electricity is purchased in advance these and other similar charges are incorporated into unit rates and often estimated and passed on to the customer. 


The unit rates are usually estimated high and it’s getting more complicated!


Once ‘actual’ costs are known you will not be informed as a matter of course!

If errors have been made, then your current and / or previous suppliers are obliged to refund any overcharges that have occurred over the past six years


- but only if you make a Retrospective Energy Bill Cost Recover claim for them.

What is on offer?

Integral Energy UK Limited is pleased to offer you a retrospective analysis of your last six years electricity invoices.

Our team of analysts who are well respected in the industry who have combined experience of more than 100 years dedicated to auditing the historical element of electricity supply chain and infrastructure costs. Experience dictates that all suppliers are billing incorrectly, therefore delivering significant refund opportunities and also ongoing cost savings.

As this service is provided on a share of refund/savings generated only, it genuinely costs you nothing!

How Does the Service Work?

Following an initial meeting with you we will require as much billing and contractual information as you have readily available. 

  • We will assist in this process as any missing or incomplete historic data can usually be requested by us directly from your suppliers.
  • We check every invoice for correctness (i.e. tariff, seasonal rates, DUoS / TUoS, CCL, Fit’s etc).
  • We will then advise you of the refunds and savings amounts that are available to you, the reasons, accounts affected, timescales, etc. 
  • We will then negotiate your refunds for you.

Your refund will then appear as a credit on your next invoice or by direct payment if you have already left a supplier.

Already have a broker working on it?

Using your existing procurement broker to carry out a retrospective audit is involves a clear conflict of interests. After all, who brought the contract to you in the first place? There must be a very clear segregation of duties and very few companies have the skills or knowledge to match those of our analysts. Many companies have consultants looking at procurement and energy cost savings and claim to be providing an invoice validation service.

In our experience this is normally a superficial reconciliation of contract to invoice and not an in-depth review of legacy costs.

Case studies:

  • A major UK automotive manufacturer had refunds and savings approaching £500,000 following an audit of their electricity costs.
  • An electricity audit of a leading UK manufacturer of household products identified refunds and savings in excess of £100,000.
  • An audit of a UK County Council’s electricity billing generated refunds and savings in the order of £100,000.
  • A large NHS acute hospital benefited from refunds and savings nearing £300,000 from an audit of their electricity charging.

Remember this is money you have already spent so you have absolutely nothing to lose, only potential refunds to gain.


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