Energy Efficiency & Energy Cost Saving

Why save energy?


There are significant commercial benefits in reducing energy consumption.


  • Competitive edge - through improved energy performance and compliance.

  • Demonstrate your ‘green credentials’ in tackling emissions and climate change.

" I see so many .... opportunities that are there for the taking. Most of them have to do with saving energy. If there's one thing we know for sure , it's that fuel won't stay cheap.

Very many companies have yet to understand that ailing businesses can be saved by reducing waste and using energy more efficiently".


Sir Richard Branson from

"Business Stripped Bare

Adventures of a Global Entrepreneur"


Many organisations would like to save energy, but lack the expertise to do so.

Many energy efficiency interventions can achieve double-figure returns on investment – very attractive in a world of rising energy prices and stagnant interest rates.

There are some tips on how to reduce your energy costs here : Ten ways to reduce energy costs

How can Integral Energy UK help ?


We can provide you with all of the benefits of an in house energy management team at a fraction of the cost.

Our UK wide team of energy engineers work with businesses of all sizes to help reduce their gas & electricity consumption.


We offer…..

  • Specialist energy engineering expertise

  • Technical supply chain

  • Long term energy management relationship

We can …...

Identify your savings opportunities via audit of your own activities.


Prioritise low and no cost measures and those with short paybacks.

Once payback periods have been achieved surplus funds can be reinvested to make further equipment purchases and improvements.

Arrange trials of energy saving equipment via our supply chain and measure results so that the outcomes of wider interventions can be predicted more accurately.


Measure and quantify energy savings achieved.


Contact us to discuss how we can help you improve the energy efficiency of your business!

Contact us to discuss how we can help you improve the energy efficiency of your business !

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