ESOS Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme

ESOS Lead Assessor North East

What is it ?

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), is a mandatory government energy assessment scheme which affects up to 10,000 UK organisations, known as 'large undertakings'. The ESOS scheme requires participants to:

  • Measure and identify their total energy consumption for all energy classifications

  • Conduct energy audits to assess where energy savings opportunities exist

  • Report compliance to the Environmental Agency on a rolling 4 year cycle

ESOS Lead Assessor North East

Who does ESOS apply to ? 

An organisation qualifies as a 'large undertaking' under ESOS if:

  • it has more than 250 employees.


  • it has an annual turnover exceeding €50m and a balance sheet exceeding €43m.


For UK corporate groups, if one member of the group meets the criteria the the entire UK group must comply,


ESOS Lead Assessor North East

ESOS Compliance Assessment Dates

UK businesses must assess whether they are in scope for participating in ESOS by the qualification date of each phase. The next qualification date is 31st December 2022 for the 3rd rolling phase. 

For businesses that qualify, the final date for compliance in the 3rd phase is the 5th December 2023. Qualifying businesses MUST have registered their ESOS compliance with the Environmental Agency on or before this date.


The qualification and compliance dates for the first 3 rolling phases of ESOS are given in the table below.

ESOS Scheme Operation

The scheme requires a `Lead Assessor’ to review and sign off the ESOS energy consumption assessments along with a senior Director of the company. The company must register its compliance with the Environment Agency by the compliance date and there are penalties for late/non submission after that date.

Integral Energy UK are accredited ESOS Lead Assessors and  can help to identify and audit your business's energy consumption, assess the energy savings opportunities that exist and assist with registering your compliance with the Environmental Agency.

What sorts of Energy Savings Opportunities will there be ?

These can range from small to large opportunities, depending on what energy savings activities have been carried out already, and typically they include:

  Short Term       

These come under the heading of No-Cost and Low-Cost opportunities which often involve a change in operating practice rather than making a financial investment. For example:

  • encouraging behavioural changes

  • optimising control settings

  • addressing maintenance issues

  • analysing energy data to identify out of band operating conditions

  Medium term  

These come under the heading of more in-depth  opportunities which may involve a substantial project for which the financial investment needs to be based on predicted returns.   

  • Replacing lighting lamps with more energy efficient LED lamps

  • Fitting lighting controls to give additional savings to lighting upgrade projects

  • Installing additional controls to equipment to reduce energy usage

  • Fitting Variable Speed Drives to fans, pumps, and process equipment

  • Initiating Building fabric improvements such Insulation levels

  • Upgrading or Replacing Heating systems and their components

  Longer term   

This is likely to involve more in-depth Design and Specification advice on replacing capital plant to ensure that replacement plant and equipment is selected to minimise energy consumption and is better matched to site operating conditions.

What do you need to do ?

Firstly make an assessment of whether your business needs to comply with ESOS.

If the answer is yes, then you should appoint an ESOS Lead Assessor to plan your compliance programme and the necessary energy audits assessments.


The energy audits will look at how your organisation uses energy in buildings, transport and industrial operations.

How can we help ?

We can help you to assess your eligibility to determine whether you are within scope of ESOS compliance.

If your organisation is within ESOS scope, we can provide you with an accredited ESOS Lead Assessor to conduct/review your ESOS compliance programme and assessment energy audits.

Please feel free to browse the posts on our Blog page ​for more helpful information relating to ESOS.

Contact us today to discuss your first steps to ESOS compliance & speak to one of our national team of ESOS Lead Assessors !

Contact us today to discuss your first steps to ESOS compliance !

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