Prioritising low-cost and no-cost implementation

December 20, 2016

Implementing Energy Saving Opportunities Newsletter No. 06

Many energy saving opportunities identified will require no or little investment. These could simply involve changing existing processes and procedures, for example when equipment is switched off, or changing the settings at which equipment operates.


Building the business case for these opportunities will often be straightforward, however, you may still have to overcome resistance from internal stakeholders.


Make sure you understand the other implications of the suggested changes. For example switching off lights in staircases could have health and safety implications, or changing temperature settings of the heating and air conditioning system could affect the level of comfort of your colleagues or customers.


Your business case should demonstrate that you have taken these consequences into considerations and include suggestions for mitigating them, where possible.


In our next newsletter we will discuss:  Additional Benefits of Energy Implementation.


Our national team of energy engineers are ready to undertake the design, implementation, monitoring, and financing of identified energy reduction measures on your behalf. Please contact us to register your interest.

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