Energy Project Specification, Installation and Operation

February 21, 2017

Implementing Energy Saving Opportunities No. 14

When planning the exact specifications of the equipment and works, engage stakeholders such as facilities management, equipment operators and production managers to:

  • Capture their experience of existing systems

  • Decide if installation can be completed in-house or if external support is required

  • Communicate temporary disruptions to operations to relevant stakeholders

  • Verify specifications, including performance, service level, and compatibility requirements with engineering team/equipment users/IT department

  • If it’s a scalable opportunity, such as a rollout of LED lighting, investigate possibility of trial implementation on smaller scale to prove the business case.

  • Understand and plan required staff training for operation and maintenance of equipment to ensure equipment is used as intended.

  • Specify what performance and energy consumption data you want to collect to understand and evaluate the performance of the project.

  • Make sure the required metering systems and internal processes are set up and running.

  • Work with your facilities/office management team to develop a Health and Safety (H&S) plan for the project, including the main H&S risks and strategies to mitigate them.

In our next newsletter we will discuss: Energy Saving Project Procurement Approach 


Our national team of energy engineers are ready to undertake the design, implementation, monitoring, and financing of identified energy reduction measures on your behalf. Please contact us to register your interest.

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