Choosing Energy Equipment Suppliers and Installers

March 7, 2017

Implementing Energy Saving Opportunities No. 16

Price is clearly important but there are different aspects of the bid that will affect the Life-Cycle Cost and performance of the project to be considered:


Energy Performance – How much energy does it consume? Does it have different operating levels and is it the most efficient at the performance level you require?


Warranties – What level of warranty does the supplier offer and for how long? Is only equipment failure covered or also the performance and efficiency level of the equipment?


Presence/Location – Is the supplier a local business and therefore accessible or does the supplier offer UK coverage through a network of locations?


Maintenance requirements – How often does the equipment have to be maintained? Does it require maintenance by external experts or can it be maintained in-house? How easily are spare parts available?


After-sales support – Is there a helpline or technical advisors who will be on hand to answer any post installation queries or questions?


Reputation/Brand – Does the brand of technology provided have a good reputation? Does a quick internet search of the brand and equipment return any feedback on the equipment, are there any reviews?


Operational performance – Does it provide the output you require? Is it sized appropriately or can the performance be adjusted?


Lead time – When would the supplier be able to deliver and/or install the equipment and Does that fit with your project plan and operational requirements?


Always look for evidence of quality memberships, standards and awards.


In our next newsletter we will discussing: The Energy Technology List (ETL) 


Our national team of energy engineers are ready to undertake the design, implementation, monitoring, and financing of identified energy reduction measures on your behalf. Please contact us to register your interest.

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