Energy Metering Strategy.

April 24, 2017

Implementing Energy Saving Opportunities No. 23

It is important to capture spend and consumption data for all energy supplies that your business uses on a monthly basis. You should capture this information in an electronic format so that it can be analysed.


For medium sized companies developing a metering plan may be more appropriate and for large companies’ installation of sub-metering may be required to provide a detailed view of energy use.


Meters vary greatly, but in essence they are all designed to measure volume flow or power.


Examples of types of metering technology

Automated meter reading (AMR) - systems with a one-way communication from the meter to the data collector/supplier. It can be applied to anything with a pulsed output.

Automated meter management (AMM) - two-way communication between the meter and the data collector/supplier.

Commercial data services - provision of meters, access to the meter data, and energy saving advice typically via phone or site visits.

Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS or BMS) - connecting meters to a computer-based system for large commercial buildings makes it possible to monitor consumption alongside information on building control and management.

‘Hours-run’ metering - For equipment that operates at a constant known load, e.g. a motor or a fan, records the time that the equipment operates which can then be multiplied by the known load (in kW) and the load factor to estimate the actual consumption (in kWh).

Temporary and portable metering solutions - available in the form of clip on devices and other non-invasive options to measure the flow of the gas, electricity or water without interrupting it.

Where sub-metering with equipment is not a cost-effective option, it may be possible to use  "estimates of energy consumption" by assessing the average load of the equipment by its operating hours.


In our next newsletter we will discuss accreditation to ISO-50001: Energy Management Systems


Our national team of energy engineers are ready to undertake the design, implementation, monitoring, and financing of identified energy reduction measures on your behalf. Please contact us to register your interest.


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