The ESOS Scheme's Operation and Timings

February 5, 2019

ESOS Newsletter No 3

The Scheme is based on phased compliance periods of 4 years in duration.


The final day of each compliance period is the date whereby participating organisations should have completed all ESOS Assessments and filed their compliance with the scheme's administrator, the Environment Agency.


Phase 1  
Period :  06/12/11–05/12/15
Qualifying Date:      31/12/14
Compliance Date: 05/12/15
Phase 2  
Period : 06/12/15–05/12/19
Qualifying Date:      31/12/18
Compliance Date: 05/12/19
Phase 3  
Period : 06/12/19–05/12/23
Qualifying Date:      31/12/22
Compliance Date: 05/12/23
In our next newsletter we will discuss:  Exemptions from ESOS.




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